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Who says design has to be expensive or that you have to wait? Have the Statement Pieces and Cozy Environments you deserve today! SPACE by Design was founded in 2020 by Renee Washington to provide people with customized furniture, statement pieces, and creating cozy environments through the interior and exterior designs at an affordable price.

About Us

See what SPACE by Design Offers Customers:

  • Consultations to hear the vision of what each client is looking for in their design

  • Caters to all customers

  • Affordable prices

  • Advice for customers to style their space in a time and budget that works for the indivudal

  • Families looking to create a stylish and still child safe home

  • Businesses trying to create a specific environment for customers.

  • Clients moving into a new home

  • Staging to help sell a home

  • First time home buyers

  • Statement Pieces to turn your house into a home 

  • Designs that are comfortable and cozy

  • No cookie-cutter designs

  • Unique, one of a kind furniture and designs

CEO/Founder Renee Washington

Renee Washington is a sports reporter/anchor with ESPN and Fox Sports. She hosts a show called "Beyond the Headlines with Renee Washington".Renee also works as a motivational speaker through her 'Positive Vibes Only' umbrella.

Renee's love for interior design stems back to her youth. Whether it was in her childhood home, dorm, her homes, or helping friends/family she has always enjoyed designing. One thing she noticed through furnishing and designing is how hard it is to find nice pieces at a reasonable price. She has also run into many people, especially parents of young children, that are unsure how to decorate their home to be comfortable, safe, and reasonably priced. We do not always have time, but Renee now works to provide customers with all their needs for their home or business.

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